Homemade spray too keep away Midges and Flies

Posted by on 6 September 2014


African horse sickness is a great worry. The little midges that bite horses carry this disease. It is essential that you keep you horses away from low-lying vlei areas. The midges come out in the early morning and late evening, keep horses stabled at dawn and dusk. It is useful to burn old grass and a little manure, near the stables in the afternoon. This smouldering smoke will keep the midges at bay. You can add a little citronella oil to old grass and then burn the grass. Try to avoid inhaling the smouldering grass

The natural fly spray and midge spray mask the smell of the horse and in essence make the horse invisible to the midge or fly


Spray the body lightly twice a day. Avoid spraying in the eyes


Fly Repelant


Per liter water

One handful Wildealse in 1L Rooibos tea

10ml Lavender

10ml Citronella

10ml Eucalyptus

10ml Lemon grass

50ml Applecider vinegar

20 drops Tea tree oil

7  drops Garlic oil


Shake well and store in a spray bottle.


The fly spray is one of many remedies presented at the Remedy workshop. If you would like to attend the remedy workshop or have one or more presented at your stable yard, please feel free to contact us.