Homemade spray too keep away Midges and Flies

  African horse sickness is a great worry. The little midges that bite horses carry this disease. It is essential that you keep you horses away from low-lying vlei areas. The midges come out in the early morning and late evening, keep horses stabled at dawn and dusk. It is useful to burn old grass and a little manure, near the stables in the afternoon. This smouldering smoke will keep the midges at bay. You can add a little citronella oil...

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Accessing the Rivers of Life

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, every living organism has a map running through its body. Theses Rivers of life are called meridians or channels. Theses carry a flow of energy which is essential for the health of each living thing. When there I a disruption in the flow of this life-giving energy disease is the result. When you use acupuncture, the stimulation of very specific points along the effected channel, the...

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