Kim-RoselleAt Equisentials our passion is holistic healing for mind, body and spirit. The concept for a holistic healing centre was founded in 2011 by Kim Dyson. She has a vision of a paradigm shifting equine clinic that would incorporate all forms of healing (alternative and western medicine) and other well-being modalities for both horse and rider. Our goal is not only to treat the manifestation of dis-ease, but to treat the deepest root of the problem in order to prevent illness and pain on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Kim wants to offer a healing experience for horses and people that will not be found anywhere else on earth. In 2012 Roselle joined her in her vision and Equisentials was born. We offer weekend healing retreats as well as consults and individual healing sessions for both horses and humans. The bottom line is we all work together within one common goal; health, happiness and harmony. Nothing is new under the sun, just the way you see it chages. Every case is different and treated uniquely.

Kim Dyson

After spending time with Kim Dyson, it is easy to understand why she finds it difficult to categorise exactly what she does. Her simplicity of healing is perceived in such complexity. The closest term she has come to this simplicity so far is “Complimentary Holistic Healer” but even those words tell only part of the story. It is more a case of reiki-acupuncture-aromotheraphy-crystal-quantum-physio-pyschic-radionics-homeopathy-angel-colour-herbal-clairvoyant-horsewhisperer-intune, communicator- massage, and celestial-myopathy-nutritional therapist. And oh yes, she works with both humans and animals…after all, she says, it is all the same! Simplicity. This diversely skilled lady is a bubble of energy, good things, and is passionate about her work. She welcomes a sceptic mind to discover this magic that is within us all. Her approach of, word-of-mouth only, has worked well, garnering a legion of clients across South Africa and neighbouring countries. She also has a respectable following in England and Dubai. Kim has been an integral part of several winning teams, helping and healing where necessary in order for horse and owner to produce their best efforts. She prepared the Springbok teams for the Tri Nations held in Namibia in 1998 and 1999, as well as the Saddler team for their international event against the USA held in Parys in 2007. She started her Equine BSc in 2008.

While Kim focuses on humans and horses, she has also worked on all sorts of animals, including a baby rhino.

Kim practically grew up on the bare back of her beloved Babyshame and her love for horses means that she is now the mother to many! She has her NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3 (equivalent to the BHS instructors’ course) from England, and majored in riding and injuries. Her interest in complimentary healing was triggered while working with horses in the UK and she started the first of many avenues of training, with myopathy, a trigger point release system. Kim’s training branched out a few years later into kinesiology, Quantum healing and reiki. This involves using a flow of energy from the practitioner’s hands, in finding the body’s balance. By finding balance, energy blocks within the body are removed along with toxins. A deep feeling of relaxation results and there are positive mental and physical changes. As a form of vibrational healing, many people can be overwhelmed by its simplicity and miracle-like healing; however its profound benefits have helped many people and animals. Kim has worked with horses in all disciplines and continues to study anything relevant to healing. She enjoys endurance riding and has 2160km to her name, including two Fauresmiths, Walvis Bay and Hoffmeyer.

Kim is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and regularly runs courses around the country. She would like as many people as possible to be empowered. Through the inspiration of many people she was pushed towards establishing Equisentials, to teach horses, owners and grooms to ‘feel’, and in due course will be publishing a book.

Roselle Hartwigsen

Roselle was born in South Africa and has always been closely associated with animals and their well-being. She grew up on a farm with loads of farm animals and pets and this in combination with a passion for healing inspired her at the age of four to become a veterinarian. Roselle went to Veterinary school at the University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort) straight out of high school. At Onderstepoort she met Kim and was introduced to the world of energy healing and animal communication. She became a Reiki Master in 2008 and has been giving Reiki healings to horses and humans in her free time. After qualifying as a vet in 2011 Roselle went to the Dubai Equine Hospital to gain work experience in Equine medicine and surgery. During her time there she worked with world renowned veterinarians and famous patients in the flat racing and endurance industry. It was a lame racehorse with back pain that could not be treated with traditional western medicine that inspired her to pursue a career in Complimentary Veterinary Medicine, especially Acupuncture.

Once she returned to South Africa she opened her own practice in Swartruggens and started training in Complimentary veterinary medicine. She qualified as an internationally certified Traditional Chinese Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) at the Chi Institute of Europe in 2012. The Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) modality has helped her develop a better understanding on how the horse’s personality element (Five element Theory) and environment directly influence the wellbeing of the animal and the human. By combining her veterinary skills and TCVM training Roselle has been achieving great success with her acupuncture treatment in both horses and small animals.

She has regular patients all around South Africa and Botswana. Since starting acupuncture treatment Roselle has become more aware of the deep connection between horse and rider. She works together with the rider to help improve the wellbeing of the horse. Through Equisentials she hopes to bring holistic wellness to all her patients and clients by providing a truly unique outlook on healing.

Focus of Healing

As a “holistic complimentary healer” your horse can be helped:

  • With any illness/behaviour that cannot be identified or understood
  • improve gait quality, performance, range of motion and flexibility
  • improve stamina and disposition
  • keep muscle injuries (that accompany orthopaedic-type problems) pliable and pain free
  • improve body conditioning
  • relieve tension and improve circulation
  • stimulate the elimination of toxins and waste products